AgroTech Press Release

advertorial that increases visibility


365FarmNet is an agricultural technology company helping farmers optimize their work through innovative platforms. They wanted to release an article to encourage and educate their customers to fully use the potential of 365FarmNet products.


Creating SEO-optimized content that shortly underlines benefits of 365FarmNet solutions and it’s trainings on how to improve the performance with links to redirect customers to the website. 


Through the analysis we found that farmers want to improve their performance but they are afraid of spending too much in-person time. The platform can be helpful for them if they benefit from free to join trainings. 

Writing an article about all the platform’s advantages and the importance of education in this topic is supposed to convince them to wisely use trainings offered by 365FarmNet.


To address farmers’ needs we extracted the most important benefits of the platform and it’s simplicity. Referencing time-saving aspects, we have shown how it can increase customer performance.

The article was realeased in several digital and traditional magazines. The example you can find here.