Implementing Industry 4.0: The Role of Quality

promotional materials for fair trades


CAPTRON is a leader in the sensors and detectors industry. They were seeking promotional materials for their industry that matches branding requirements and appeals to local customers.


We have chosen simple, professional and high-quality texts, images and paper to meet the requirements. Referring to innovation, quality and efficiency, the leaflet features a lot of space, minimalist design and modern elements.


Through research, we discovered that engineers are looking for simple texts presenting the product and its potential applications. While business owners need inspiration and use cases. Both groups value emphasizing the quality and prestige of CAPTRON’s technology.



Presenting the company’s offer and values on four pages allowed us to minimize the content and highlight the most important features of the brand. Adding a QR code redirecting to the company’s website allowed for increased traffic on the website.

We presented the values using the design of CAPTRON buttons – their famous product. The company will include this element in its key visual and thanks to it it will increase its recognition.

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